Our industry

Our industry

Every day millions of Europeans travel for both business and pleasure, packages are sent and commodities are transported. Fuels in all forms have been and will continue to be a basic condition for society's continued development.

Those of us that work in conjunction with the fuel stations - with everything from installations to repairs and restoration - do our part to keep society running. Through our member companies we represent approximately 3,400 employees with a turnover of approximately 7.5 billion SEK in Sweden alone. Among us are some of Scandinavias best known companies along with many motivated entrepreneurs. We collect a variety of occupations from engineers and technicians to product developers and installers. 


Challenges & opportunities

The fuel industry is currently living through a period of significant change. While gasoline and diesel vehicles are becoming more efficient, new research regarding alternative, renewable fuels looks promising for the future. Still, renewable fuels only make out a few percent of the amount required to operate our vehicle fleets.

We face an interesting future. A future in which innovation, quality and education are basic requirements to compete in a world where both the challenges and opportunities are greater than ever before. We look forward to an exciting journey together with our members and partners.