In 1973 a number of independent business owners formed what was then known as Sveriges Mätare-entreprenörers Riksförbund (transl. The National Organization of Fuelmeter Contractors), which later changed its name to Skandinaviska Mätarservicefirmors Förbund (transl. The Scandinavian Union of Meter Service Firms). Together they began the work involved in creating the organization that today is seen as a stable organization within the fuel industry.


In 1997 SMF took the next step and changed its name to Scandinavian Petroleum Technic Association, SPT. Today SPT represents around 80 businesses of varying size and character from all Nordic countries. Through hard work and decades of experience SPT has grown to become a respected organization within the industry and an important partner to the oil industry and goverment agencies.



To handle industry-specific issues and to represent the industry as a whole in contact with both authorities and other organizations.

To assert the common interests of our members when in contact with organizations, government agencies and others.

Acting to ensure that members comply with good business practices and that they maintain a quality and industry knowledge that is atleast on equivalent to SPT:s own quality standard.

To act in a way that benefits the industrys continued existance and development.

To promote the exchange of experiences and information on technical issues between members.

Strengthening the SPT brand.


Theme Days / Technology Days
We aim to organize atleast one annual theme day for members as well as representatives from government agencies and oil companies where invited speakers adress current topicws. The pupose of these themed events is to provide information and exchange views on current events.

Technology days are planned every two years and implemented in the form of an exhibiton at which SPT members have an opportunity to present their businesses and exchange knowledge with each other.


One of SPT:s most important tasks is education. Our courses are created together with and for member companies, oil companies, government agencies and others involved in the fuel sector. Through an open dialogue with participants and our members we develop and improve our course offerings constantly.