Working at fuelstations

Working at fuelstations

Top up with knowledge to meet the industry's skills requirements.

Arbeten på drivmedelsanläggningar is our training course for all employees of companies that supply products and services to fuel facilities. The course was developed by SPT in cooperation with SPBI and relevant authorities.


A complete education

The study program can be read in two ways. Many people choose to take the course remotely via SPT's online learning platform. That way you have the opportunity to study for the exams at any time and in a productive learning environment, either in the office or at home. Training can also be ordered as an internal company training course led by a lecturer on site.


The training includes the following chapters.

Chapter 1

Rules and responsibilities

Chapter 2

Flammable products

Chapter 3

Flammable goods and works at gas stations

Chapter 4

Environmental Responsibility

Chapter 5

Barriers and risks involved in digging

Chapter 6

Special risks

Chapter 7

Sector Recommendations

Chapter 8

Personal protection

Chapter 9

Electrical safety, ATEX and potential equalization

Chapter 10

Pollution and remediation at fuel stations

Chapter 11

Fuel Equipment

Chapter  12 

Fuel Meters


Certificates and Diplomas 

When a student is completes the course they are issued a certificate card and a framed diploma. The company is added to the list of certified companies and gets a document that can be authenticated by the company and included in their QMS.