SPT bransjedag 2018 på Gardermoen

SPT bransjedag 2018 på Gardermoen


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När: Torsdag den 6 september 2018, 09:00 – 16:00
Var: Stockholm-Arlanda. Clarion Hotel Tornvägen 2, 190 45 Stockholm-Arlanda
Program: Detaljerad program släpps i augusti

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We welcome all our Nordic trade colleagues to SPT HOSPITALITY 2018!

It will be held in International Forum’s room (hall 5), May 15th at 17:00

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Årsmötet och kongressen kommer att hållas i samband med SPT Nordic Conference 2018

Plats: Hotel At Six,  Brunkebergstorg, central Stockholm.

Tid: Kl 11,30 - 13:30

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Welcome to the first Nordic SPT Conference in Stockholm!


The SPT Nordic Conference 2018 is the meeting place for everyone who works in the Nordic forecourt industry.


The Nordic Conference is organized by the contractor’s trade association SPT in cooperation with the client`s trade association SPBI. As a participant you will gain insight into future development of the industry, fuels and upcoming vehicles within the Nordic countries. 


The list of speakers includes the Swedish Civil...