SPT Nordic Conference 2018

SPT Nordic Conference 2018

The SPT Nordic Conference 2018 was a natural meeting place for everyone who works in the Nordic forecourt industry. The conference was organized by the contractor’s trade association SPT in cooperation with the client`s trade association SPBI. Participants gained insight into future developments in the industry, fuels and upcoming vehicles within the Nordic countries. 

Welcome to the SPT Nordic Conference 2018.

Moderator Lisa Kirsebom and Jan-Erik Lindström, SPT

Nordic Climate Challenge: Which Scandinavian country will take the lead?

Mattias Goldmann, Fores

Panel discussion:  Scandinavian views on bonus malus systems for cars and new regulations on biofuel quotas in petrol and diesel.

Ulf Svahn, SPBI, Jakob Stahl Otte, EOF, Inger Lise Nøstvik, Drivkraft Norge

Has the fossil fuel era come to an end? What changes will come in the new car fleets? 
Anders Noren, Bil Sweden

E fuels - Environmental ways to produce hydrogen

Björn Aronsson, Vätgas Sverige

Outlook (in Swedish):  Changes in Swedish regulations concerning storage tanks, hazardous fuels in water protection areas. New regula-tions on inflammable substances from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. 

Lars Synnerholm, MSB Swedish Civil Contingency Agency,  
Frida Rudsander, Environmental Protection Agency, Kaarlo Book Swedac, Jan-Erik Lindström SPT, Anders Lönnberg SPBI.

Fact based predictions for the Nordics

Fernanda Drumond, Gapminder Foundation